Transforming ideas into space,  and space into place. 









"It was a pleasure working with this team. From beginning to end. I was so blown away I decided to use them on all my projects going forward. 
A dynamic duo of women that are always creative and delivers on time. I implore you if you are in the market for an architect consult with them. You will not be disappointed".

E. Gordon


"We are so pleased with this company’s work.

They were able to capture just what we wanted for our new house. We also hired them to help out with the interior design".

A. Campbell


"Right off the bat Denise was able to read and understand our style perfectly. She even picked up on elements that we hadn't figure out we wanted (such a bronze-colored windows) after she browsed through a Houzz album we created for inspiration. 

The house she designed for us is without a doubt our dream home, she maximized down to the last inch of the property and created wonderful spaces that are functional, enjoyable to live in and aesthetically beautiful. 

If I had to choose one element that sets Denise apart from any other architect is her perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality. She understands that in any livable space both aspects must go hand and in hand so she will always find creative ways to make sure her designs don't have to sacrifice either. 

There are no words to say how happy we are with Denise and would think twice before recommending her to anyone needing an architect".

I. Villanueva


"Apart from Denise's professionalism, incredible taste/knowledge she is also extremely sweet and always reachable with infinite passion to explain every detail. Another incredible asset Denise has is that she tries to find a solution to every idea.
She will always go out the extra mile by trying to understand the concept your family wants, and making sure your wishes are met under your size and budget. I strongly recommend Denise! She is a game-player and can adjust to different circumstances."

C. Hines


Preschel Bassan Studio

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