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This residence, envisioned by the clients as their primary residence, embodies their heartfelt aspiration to craft not merely a house but a cherished haven for their entire family. Designed for a professional baseball player, this home is nestled on an expansive two-acre lot in the desirable landscape of Southwest Ranches.

The architecture boasts a modern and sleek aesthetic, characterized by dynamic flat and slim roofs at varying elevations, lending a striking visual appeal. As the main driveway unfolds, it graciously offers access to two separate garages, thoughtfully designed to accommodate up to four cars, marrying functionality with sophistication.

A central pedestrian access point is strategically positioned, serving as the gateway to the soaring, high-ceilinged social spaces within. The centerpiece of the residence is a capacious open kitchen, thoughtfully paired with a pantry and seamlessly integrated with a family room. This dynamic space is envisioned as a hub for family togetherness, a place where lasting memories are created.

The heart of the home revolves around a central pool, with all interior spaces meticulously oriented to capture captivating views of this serene oasis. The pool area is adorned with an integrated fire pit and an inviting bar area, both seamlessly connecting to an interior gaming room and a stylish "man cave," serving as an entertainment epicenter. These spaces extend further to an expansive outdoor kitchen, ensuring that this residence is not just a home but a dynamic space for family gatherings and culinary delights.

Nestled away in a dedicated module of the residence, the private bedrooms provide a tranquil retreat, underscoring the importance of family comfort and privacy. Additionally, the project includes a separate and equally luxurious guest house, reflecting the clients' commitment to creating a warm and inviting space where family bonds are strengthened and cherished.









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